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Martsang Kagyu is an unbroken 850 year old lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, now on your doorstep. 

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Martsang LAM RIM (New Class) 
September 2019

Studying Martsang Lam Rim provides a strong foundation in Buddhist knowledge and is an essential prerequisite to Vajrayana practice and retreat. Once completed, you will have accomplished a proficient understanding of Buddhism from beginner to advanced level. 

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The experiences of birth, aging, sickness and death are inevitable, and although encountered by all beings are often difficult to accept. This course is a meeting point between Buddhism and modern Western science that gives the participant a fascinating insight to the philosophy of life & death in Tibetan Buddhism.

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Green Tara Empowerment

The Green Tara Sadhana teaching of the Martsang Kagyu lineage which derives from Atisha’s lineage, is not only a union of wisdom and compassion but is also considered powerful in aiding good health and removing obstacles in other aspects of life, for example your career.









Visual representation of Martsang Kagyu Monastery