His Holiness’ teachings have had a profound effect upon my perception, as though a light was shined into a fog of confusion. His Holiness has also taken great care to teach carefully and methodically and to ensure that the material is properly understood, without error or omission. More than that, His Holiness conduct exemplifies the true teachings and provides a stainless example of discipline and ethical living.
— Julian McIntyre, CEO

Seize the moment and study with a truly great Master.
—Christopher Ray Chappell,
Director of Internal Arts UK Ltd
Studying on the LamRim course is a unique opportunity in so many ways. I know of no other place of study where one may sit with someone like His Holiness, a Tibetan lineage holder of the Martsang Kagyu tradition, at a round table, in a seminar setting. These conditions are so conducive to building a solid foundation in Buddhism.
—Dr. Spencer Dean, Applied Psychologist
The classes are really enjoyable and being in H.H’s presence is very calming and inspiring.”
- Manisha Pandey
The benefits I gain during Martsang Lam Rim course are claryfining my mind from gross ideology and definitions, sharpen my rational mind and sense of causing no harm.
—Jolanta Koltun
These teachings are a gift and I suggest anyone with an interest in Tibetan Buddhism grabs the opportunity with both hands to learn from such a highly realised master.
— Tracey Bryson