MKLBC Membership

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The MKLBC Membership Scheme is a “not-for-profit” programme designed to raise funds to support the running costs of the Martsang Kagyu London Buddhist Centre and the Martsang Kagyu international charity work, while at the same time providing various benefits to members. Become a member of the Martsang Kagyu London Buddhist centre to enjoy exclusive benefits and accumulate merits. 

A 10% discount on the courses except Martsang Lam Rim class, & Empowerment/ Sadhana Teachingfor each person who join MKLBC membership scheme. 

Our Dharma community like the Bochi tree, continue to grow to offer support, shelter and nourishment to benefit all sentient beings everywhere. Your support is the nourishment of the Bochi Tree. 


We all would be most grateful for any donation, if you would like to contribute in any way please contact Dolma Sherab by Email          Thank you!