Martsang Lam Rim Debate exam- wisdom group

Dear Dharma Friends,

When you visit Tibet or Tibetan monasteries in India it’s possible to watch (on TV too) debates that include loud statements, hand clapping, and extravagant gestures. Monks debates usually take place in the afternoons and are held in special debating areas that are usually courtyards, orchards or grass lawns with shady trees.

Debate is a unique culture of Tibetan Buddhism and was created by Master Chapa Chokyi Sanga who was the teacher of Choje Marpa Sherab Yeshe, the founder of Martsang Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism.

The main purpose of the Tibetan monastic debates is to overcome any misconceptions. By establishing a defensible view, one can clear away all objections to that view. The monastic debates are not merely academic, more a way of using the direct implications of the obvious to generate an inference of a non-obvious state of a phenomenon. Debaters are seeking an understanding of the nature of reality through a very careful analysis of natural phenomena.

His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche intends to keep both the highest quality of Buddhist teachings as well as ancient Buddhism when teaching in the West and the Martsang Lam Rim class has been created under this consideration.

We are very pleased to announce that students who recently completed studying Martsang Lam Rim will take part in a debate on 12th of May from 10am to 6pm. We warmly welcome you all to attend where you may obtain benefits from the Tibetan Buddhist culture of debate.

If you do wish to attend, please book a place before 5th of May due to the limited number of places available. We are sorry that we cannot accept people on a ‘drop in’ basis on this occasion. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

We look very forward to seeing you all on the day.

May Buddha blessings to you all.

Kind regards from Martsang Kagyu London Buddhist Centre

PS: For more information, please contact Dolma Sherab by Email. Thanks.

Lauren & Nej