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Guru Rinpoche Birthday Celebration

His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche reincarnated to benefit all living beings - his life has since been dedicated to teaching precious Buddhist Dharma. This is an auspicious day for the Martsang Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism, as we are deeply grateful for our master's life and for his patience in teaching us the Dharma.

To celebrate, we will meet at 10:30am at the Martsang Kagyu London Buddhist Centre. This day will be an opportunity to practice devotion and generosity, to increase our faith and compassion.

On the day we will come together to chant the sacred prayers of our lineage, as well as offering the Long Life Prayer chanting to our precious Guru Rinpoche.

Our Centre, MKLBC will provide free vegetarian meals for people to celebrate Guru Rinpoche birthday.