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Ancient Meditation Retreat (3 days, 2 nights)

Take a few of days for yourself, to listen deeply to your own breath and feelings; keep your mind quiet and open your heart. This is a rare opportunity to retreat with His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and group of true Buddhist practitioners in the beautiful countryside. 

This meditation retreat focuses on an ancient meditation practice led by His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and includes the Eight Precepts Observance. 

No-food-after-midday is an important precept in Buddhism. The discourses of Buddha said that overeating can lead to a bad temper, abdominal fullness, absent-mindedness and general uneasiness, while underfeeding can lead to general fitness and smoothness. Only a suitable amount of food intake is good for our health. According to Taisho Tripitaka, NFAM can provide us with five kinds of benefits: less illness, steadiness, less sexual desire, less sleepiness and ascension. The former four benefits come from the physiological effects of intake adjustment. Therefore, NFAM in Buddhism is realisable from the point of view of physiology and medicine. 

So, in this retreat, we will try to uphold the No-food-after-midday.

The 17th, 18th and 19th May 2019 are precious from a Buddhist view, being the dates/month the Buddha obtained his birth, Buddhahood and nirvana. According to literature reviews, the Buddha’s Birth, enlightenment and nirvana all happened on the same day, hence it is very powerful to do Buddhist practices on this day.

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