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Medicine Buddha Empowerment/Sadhana Teaching

  • Martsang Kagyu London Buddhist Centre 85 Kingsgate Road London U.K. (map)

This beautiful healing practice will be taught in full and includes an empowerment from the Great Master H.H. the twelfth Gangri Karma Rinpoche.

As you may be aware the Medicine Buddha Empowerment is the most powerful blessing for healing illness of body, mind and awakening the innate healing wisdom that lies within each of us. Practitioners of Tibetan Medicine chant the Medicine Buddha Mantra before doing consultations, and they regularly take the Medicine Buddha Empowerment to maximize their healing abilities. It is very good to take Medicine Buddha Empowerment as much as you can.

The Medicine Buddha Empowerment can be taken as a blessing or be part of one’s regular spiritual practice. It helps to promote a long life, good health, develop happiness, and enlightenment. It can be a great healing presence in the world as it is a way to open the heart, making us more sensitive to others’ suffering and to developing true compassion and empathy.

The Medicine Buddha practice established within the Martsang Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism system is very powerful, and is rooted in the Vajaryana Teachings of the Martsang Kagyu system.

This two day course is divided into two parts to include an Empowerment and Sadhana Teaching. If however you only wish to obtain blessing for health reasons you need only attend the Empowerment on the first day.

Over the two days you will receive the complete teachings of the Medicine Buddha practice. This  include the eight Medicine Buddha Empowerment of Martsang Kagyu, Medicine Buddha meditation practice and Medicine Buddha Sadhana chanting practice. His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche will also teach instructions on mudras (hand gestures) and visualisations. After the course, students will have the capacity to feel confident to do the practice alone at home.

Further opportunity to practice the Medicine Buddha Sadhana with others will be available (free of charge) at MKLBC once a month on Sunday's at 6:00pm. If required it is possible to increase practice time at MKLBC.

Please note: Please bring a Bell & Dorje with you on the day.

Benefits of Martsang Kagyu Medicine Buddha:

  • It is a spiritual journey of peace and relaxation that can lead to personal transformation, achieving a better life balance, emotional strength and the ability to see things in a more positive light.

  • The special mantra of Medicine Buddha swiftly actualizes prayers that Medicine Buddha made in the past, to bring happiness by bringing causes for enlightenment, appeasing problems, satisfying good wishes, and to help those who are distressed by illness.

  • Reciting the mantra purifies the karmic obscurations of all beings.

  • Medicine Buddha practice is extremely powerful and beneficial for the sick and dying, as well as those who have passed away.

Time: 11:00am -17:00pm (Doors open at 10:45am for registration; please be punctual)

Small entry fee: £ 90/per day, concessions £ 68/per day (excluding the Medicine Buddha sadhana which costs £15, and is a necessary requirement for this empowerment.) payable in advance.

Suggested Donation: For those who only take an Empowerment a minimum of donation at  £50 is suggested.

Full refunds are available for cancellations, providing notice is given at least 14 days prior to course commencement. Unfortunately cancellations requested after this time are not refundable.

How to book

Online Booking or Please contact Dolma Sherab by e-mail:


Earlier Event: 27 July
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