The Martsang Kagyu Monastery Building Project



Drawing of the monastery grounds and buildings

Eight hundred years ago the lineage of the Martsang Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and its monastery monastery soon became the largest in Kham District, east Tibet. We are delighted and humbled that His Holiness the 12th Gangri Karma Rinpoche, the thirty-seventh holder of the Martsang Kagyu lineage, plans to re-build a Martsang Kagyu Buddhist monastery.

The aim is to support both the study and practice of these traditional & unique teachings, while preserving them for the benefit of future generations. His Holiness hopes this will advance the Buddhist faith throughout the United Kingdom, as well as making Buddhist teachings and way of life more widely available to anyone who requires them.

His Holiness has previously been involved in building and running a Monastery in Tibet, knows the benefits such an establishment can bring to people and their community. We are committed to providing the local and wider community with a place of solace, where the study of Tibetan Buddhism and of Buddhist scientific research take place alongside other complementary teachings and events.

We envisage a supportive, harmonious and tranquil environment that will allow people to take a peaceful break from their busy lives to reconnect with nature and spirituality, whether they visit us for a day or attend one of our longer residential courses.

We are of course passionate about the revival and future of Martsang Kagyu, and hope that you too will share our enthusiasm for this very valuable project. The cost of our vision will substantial-as can be seen by the following estimated costs:

Building 1

Main hall to seat 500 people with mats (750m2), approx.£2,250,000

Building 2

Teaching room and lay rooms (513m2), approx.£1,026,000

Building 3 & 4

Accommodation blocks two x 2storey blocks housing 25 single student rooms (432m2 per block): approx.£864,000 each

Building 5

The kitchen and dining hall (144m2): £360,000

Site development costs (infrastructure, external works and landscaping provisional sum) approx.£150,000

These estimated costs total £5,514,000 but exclude inflation costs, VAT, professional services and the purchase of land.

We all would be most grateful for any donation, large or small, to these building costs and in particular, for approximately 1.2 hectares of land on which to build. In short, ANY help to bring to fruition our vision of building a monastery to continue the Martsang Kagyu lineage for the benefit of all beings would be greatly appreciated.

Martsang Kagyu is a not for profit charity organisation dedicated to bringing the wisdom of the dharma to people everywhere thereby benefitting all beings now and in the future. We would be very pleased and most grateful to hear from you, we kindly request that you contact us only through this email address:

Thank you for your kind generosity