MKLC membership scheme

Welcome to join our membership Scheme

The Martsang Kagyu Membership Scheme is a “not-for-profit” programme designed to raise funds to  support the running costs of the Martsang Kagyu London Centre and the Martsang Kagyu international charity work, while at the same time providing various benefits to members. Become a member of the Martsang Kagyu London centre to enjoy exclusive benefits and accumulate merits.

A 10% discount on any of the day courses or weekend retreats for each person who join MKLC membership scheme.

Our Dharma community like the Bochi tree, continue to grow to offer support, shelter and nourishment to benefit all sentient beings everywhere. Your support is the nourishment of the Bochi Tree.

Membership Tier Suggestion Donation    Welcome Pack
1. Friend  One-off donation     Martsang Kagyu Gift Voucher
2. Supporter  £10 per month
  • A gift from the school
3. Member 


£20 per month
  • A gift from the school (Tibetan incense and beads)
4. Patron £25 per month
  • A beautiful membership certificate
  • An invitation to an annual members dinner or lunch hosted by His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche
  • A gift from the school (Tibetan incense and beads)
*The membership certificate is for person who joins the scheme at least one year.

61959438 - the big bodhi tree give the birds happy.

We all would be most grateful for any donation, large or small,  if you would like to contribute in any way please contact Dolma Sherab by Email

Thank you!

PS The membership party will take place on 16th December 2017.