Subject: Ms. Melanie Eikema German National

  1. Ms. Melanie Eikema was engaged as a freelance translator by Martsang Kagyu London Centre (MKLC) to translate Martsang Kagyu Lam Rim (MKLR) (the works).

image1She was paid for her translation/proofreading fees However Ms. Melanie Eikema hold herself as representative of Martsang Kagyu London Centre (MKLC) without MKLC approval applied for funding from Khyentse Foundation on two occasions which are serious criminal offence and successfully being granted, and the funds were remitted into her personal bank account for her own private used and refused to reimbursement the grants to MKLC charity account. She may have defrauding others individual or organisation in a like manner, please be advised that Ms. Melanie Eikema has no authority to hold herself up as representative of MKLC or held any position whatsoever in the (MKLC).

  1. Ms. Melanie Eikema is not a qualified and competent translator for Tibetan into English language, just before her supposed translated works MKLR went to print, she suddenly email us as follows;

Please be informed that some of the cited verses in the Lam Rim are copied from existing other translations, so because of copyright, I suggest that they are slightly edited before the Lam Rim is published” Sic

  1. Ms. Melanie Eikema put the author of Martsang Kagyu Lam Rim, His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche facing serious risk of legal action and damages claims by the copyright holder and brings disrepute to His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche reputation.
  1. We have repeatedly requests her to highlight each and every paragraphs and sentences that she copied from others so that we can carry out the necessary edit and amendments to the translation works. Not only had that she refused to do so but have the audacity to ask us for extra payment for her proofreading again.
  1. We have no choice but to engage another professional translator to re-translate the entire works again at an additional cost and further delays the scheduled publishing time.
  1. Please be informed that all the author’s original works are protect by copy right, the author reserved all legal rights to damages for any infringement by any party or organisation.
  1. Ms. Melanie Eikema also took the proofreading fee of MK Lam Rim Choje Pa (another work) from us; and failed to carry out the proofreading.