UK Buddhist Symposium: A Sharing Forum


Welcome to the Buddhist Sharing Forum hosted by His Holiness the 12th Gangri Karma Rinpoche and Martsang Kagyu London Centre. This event has been inspired by observations made by His Holiness while residing in the UK. As such His Holiness has organised this symposium to discuss topics focusing on how Buddhist organisations can best access and improve community relations, and in doing so, improve effectiveness in meeting community need. There are many religious and secular organisations working within the community in the UK, coming from the private, statutory, and charity sectors. His Holiness has extended an invitation to experienced Buddhist Leaders and Centre Managers to attend the symposium to explore and discuss the issues so that attendees may benefit from the experiences of one another. The symposium has been influenced by the World Cafe model of shared open space for reflection and learning. Topics to be explored include issues relevant to community relations, what Buddhist organisations have to offer diverse communities, how to increase the effectiveness of Buddhist organisations within the community, and the quality of relationships and possibility for collaboration with other religious and secular organisations in the community.

Exploring the issues together we may learn from the diversity of Buddhist traditions, experiences, organisational
designs, and responses within the UK. We anticipate exploring potential gaps and opportunities for Buddhist organisations. His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche hopes this event will provide a platform for dialogue between all Buddhist organisations in the UK. It will be an opportunity to enhance relationships between each other, while at the same identify how we can help in Western societies in the 21st century going forward.

His Holiness the 12th Gangri Karma Rinpoche

His Holiness the 12th Gangri Karma Rinpoche, is an exceptional Buddhist scholar, author and Dharma practitioner and received the teachings in a direct unbroken line from the founder, Choje Marpa. His Holiness has extensively studied the four major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and has established a monastery and school in Tibet as well as Buddhist centers in Taiwan and the UK where he now resides.

Venue: The event will take place in the Montague room at Monticello House 45 Russell Square, London WC1B 4JP.
Time: Reception will begin at 10:00am and the event will conclude at 16:00pm.

Photos: pre-event conference. His Holiness meeting with volunteers from MKLC, all working hard to prepare the event.

Event successes

This event of the Buddhist Symposium focused on three Key Themes for the Sharing Forum:

Topic 1: The experience of Buddhist organisation engaging with the Community

Topic 2: Factors that enable Buddhist organisations to run successfully.

Topic 3: Promoting Buddhism in the U.K. Preserving Buddhism and ensuring its relevance to the community.

All representatives generously shared their experiences and each topic was met with enthusiasm! All of us hope that the outcome of this event will be beneficial to UK Buddhist organisations.

Martsang Kagyu students: Dr Santry, Dr Tan and Ms Redstone acted as table hosts and facilitated the sessions. Participants included  Professor Scherer, Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism; Venable Chueh Yun, Fo Guang Shan Monastery; Dr. Kuan, Wutai Shan Buddhism monastery; Dr. De Vries, International Lay Buddhist Forum; Mr Hristov, Sakya Dechen ling; Mr Marder, Network of Buddhist Organisations; Bogumila, London Zen centre.


It was a great honour to welcome His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and Mr Chonpel Tsering, who represented the Dalia Lama for Northern Europe, Poland & the Baltic States and delivered a speech on his behalf.


Venable Chueh Yun( Director of Fo Guang Shan Monastery), Jackie Yip(Centre manager of theJamyang Buddhist Centre – London), Dr Spencer (MKLC), Professor Bee Scherer, Dr.Patrick(CTO of the International Lay Buddhist Forum), Dr. Kuan(Director of the Qingliang Buddhist Association), Bogumila Malinowska (Guide teacher of London Zen centre)

The recording team members of the Martsang Kagyu London Centre :Tali, Tracey and Manisha


His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and John Marder ( Network of Buddhist Organisations UK


His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and Dr Patrick

2018 UK Buddhist Symposium_36

His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and Professor Scherer



His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and Dr Kuan (Director of Qingliang Buddhist Association)


His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and Ven. Chueh Yun (Director of London Fo Guang Shan (IBPS UK)



His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and Ms Bogumila Malinowska (Guiding teacher of London Zen Centre)


2018 UK Buddhist Symposium_44

His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche and Ms Jackie Yip (Centre Manger of Jamyang Buddhist Centre – London)