Martsang Lam Rim new class in March 2019

Master: His Holiness the 12th Gangri Karma RinpocheRinpoche


In May 2013, Lam Rim teachings within the Martsang Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism system became available in the UK for the first time. Since then four study groups have commenced the teachings and the first student to start the Lam Rim class has passed both a paper and debate exam and is now recognised as a qualified Mahayana Buddhist teacher. They are now continuing their studies and have entered the Mahamudra teachings of Martsang Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism Vajaryana practice.

The second group are now approaching an advanced level and have covered core texts on Buddhist academic knowledge. They are now preparing for the paper & debate exam this year.

IMG_3884Students who started the third Lam Rim course are now approaching the half way mark and developing a deeper understanding of meditation. Under the guidance of His Holiness the Twelfth Gangri Karma Rinpoche they will also complete a six month professional training course in meditation to become qualified Meditation Tutors from September in 2017.



Course Introduction:

Discard thoughts of philosophers who debate words,

Understand the essential meaning of the texts,

Through logical reasoning,

And engage in excellent practice.

Method that is devoid of emptiness,

Emptiness that is devoid of the supreme method

the two Simple meditating, thus, the achievement of liberation will be difficult,

The manner to mediate by conjoining method and wisdom should be known.

Placing the mind single pointedly onto the object,

Being precisely separated from wandering due to laxity and excitement,

Being devoid of grasping and fabrications within vivid clarity,

Maintain the clear appearance of emptiness in your mind.

After the view has arisen in one’s continuum and the mind single pointedly focuses on it,

One is devoid of any dual appearances of the seer and that which is seen.

The dawning experience of appearances and emptiness being of one taste,

Maintain this as a unification of Shamatha and special insight.

- His Holiness the Twelfth Gangri Karma Rinpoche-

Martsang Kagyu is an 851 year old, unbroken order of traditional Tibetan Buddhism of which His Holiness Gangri Karma Rinpoche an accomplished Master, practitioner, author and professor of the Dharma is the current lineage holder. The wisdon groupMartsang Lam Rim Buddhist teachings and meditations of this course are specific to Martsang Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism what include the practice experiences of both Phagmo Drupa (1110-1170) and the founder of Martsang Kagyu ,Choje Marpa Sherab Yeshe (1134-1203).

Studying Martsang Lam Rim provides a strong foundation in Buddhist knowledge and is an essential prerequisite to Vajrayana practice and retreat. Once completed, you will have accomplished a proficient understanding of Buddhism from beginner to advanced level. You will also be able to carry on your practice and meditation at an advanced level and to take retreat within the Martsang Kagyu lineage.

When one has encountered the profound Dharma

And applies the essence of the Master’s instructions

As well as continuously engages in the practice,

One will realise one’s own mind. the basis.

-Choje Marpa Rinpoche, the founder of Martsang Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism- 

The Martsang Lam Rim is both theoretical and practical. The theory covers the core Buddhist teachings that form the foundation of Buddhist belief; logic, philosophy and ethics. Although extensive it is introduced gently and gradually in a detailed logical sequence so that it becomes familiar. The many subject areas taught include; the 3 capacities/motivations of the practitioner, the true nature of mind, consciousness, karma, past and future lives, the twelve links of dependent origination, Love & Compassion, Mindfulness, Shamatha meditation , Vipashyana meditation and so on.

Deeper reflection on these teachings is encouraged to help integrate them into daily life and to develop greater understanding and awareness. This new clarity can profoundly affect your perception of yourself, your relationship with friends, family and all sentient beings. Bring wider happiness & wisdom in your daily life.

s1070003It will end as is the custom and tradition in Tibetan Buddhism, in a friendly debate with fellow students providing an opportunity to present all that has been learnt in a question and answer format, there will also be a written test. Following the successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from H.H. Gangri Karma Rinpoche.

The benefits of the Lamrim course include:

  • A rare and precious opportunity to receive a complete guide to the stages of the path to enlightenment from an authentic lineage-holder and a truly great master.
  • The study of the Martsang Kagyu Lamrim provides an extensive program that takes the student step-by-step through Buddhist theory, philosophy and practice required to achieve full realization.
  • The opportunity to receive detailed instruction and guidance on a range of meditation practices from an accomplished Master and practitioner.
  • A truly life-changing and deeply profound experience that will change your perception of yourself, your environment and your purpose, bringing more confidence and happiness into your life.

Course Duration:
The course is split into 4 sections with each section being a pre-requisite for the next. Although it takes about two years and half complete, if you are unable to commit to this schedule, it will be possible for each section to be taken separately as and when you are available. However certification can only be given to those who complete the entire course.

Dates: Starts *Sunday 17th March 2019, then on alternate Sundays , Twice a month.

Time : 1.30pm to 5.30pm

Entry Fee:  £220.00 per month

Venue: Martsang Kagyu London Centre,

85 Kingsgate Road, London, NW6 4JY

How to book:

Please contact Dolma Sherab

by e-mail:

by phone: 07484607939

Refund and cancellation policy:

Full refunds are available for cancellations, providing notice is given at least 14 days prior to course commencement. Unfortunately cancellations requested after this time are not refundable.


Lam Rim debate exam 2017.12.16-1

2017 Martsang Lam Rim Students Debate Exam


Lam Rim debate exam 2017.12.16-9

2017 Martsang Lam Rim Students Debate exam



2016 Martsang Lam Rim Students Debate Exam



2016 Martsang Lam Rim Students Debate exam


“The course will run for approximately two and a half years, and will be split into 4 sections with each section being a pre-requisite for the next. Although it takes two and a half years to complete, those unable to commit to this schedule can take each section separately as and when they are available. However certification can only be given to those who complete the entire course.

This is an incredibly rare opportunity to receive a complete guide to the stages of the path to enlightenment from a true master. The Martsang Kagyu Lamrim is an extensive program that takes the student step-by-step through the theory, philosophy and practises required to achieve full realisation. The Lamrim is based directly on the original root text, “A Lamp to the Path for Enlightenment” by Atisha, which was taught directly to Choje Marpa, but it has been significantly expanded by H.H. Gangri Karma Rinpoche and includes many verses and instructions from great Martsang Kagyu masters.

Rinpoche is an exceptional teacher, who makes the sessions interactive and engaging. Although I have studied with him for hundreds of hours, I do not remember feeling bored, tired or losing my concentration. More importantly, his objective is not simply to get you through the course materials, but rather to ensure that you fully consider and understand the teachings.

This course is extremely comprehensive and detailed and requires significant dedication from the student. It should not be undertaken lightly. It is, however, also a truly life-changing and deeply profound experience that will change your perception of yourself, your environment and your purpose. There are very few places in the world, where a student can receive a full guide to the achievement of enlightenment from an authentic lineage-holder and accomplished teacher and practitioner. This is a rare and precious opportunity that should be grabbed with both hands.”

Julian Mcintyre
Director of Mcintyre Partners
London UK

“In 2013 I was made aware of H.H. Gangri Karma Rinpoche via a friend of mine who had attended a talk given by Rinpoche in London. I subsequently attended a day of dream Yoga teachings shared by H.H. Gangri Karma Rinpoche in Whitstable and the experience was profound. I spent two weeks after the dream yoga day remaining in the presence of this precious teacher as if he was constantly by my side.

I have been studying intensively with HH for 8 months. We have been working steadily through a very thorough mind training program; we have covered mental factors and discussed Karma, the preciousness of life and the relationship to the teacher.
Having studied with several great masters I personally feel that HH really is special. I strongly urge anyone interested in taking the Buddhist path seriously to meet Rinpoche and, if they feel a genuine connection – as I did – to seize the moment and study with a truly great teacher. I am only at the beginning, but feel that I am now, perhaps for the first time, following a genuine path with a pathfinder I can really, genuinely and wholeheartedly, believe in and trust.”

Christopher Ray Chappell
Director of Internal Arts UK Ltd
London U.K.


“Studying on the LamRim course is a unique opportunity in so many ways. I know of no other place of study where one may sit with a Rinpoche and a Tibetan lineage holder of the Kagyu tradition, at a round table, in a seminar setting. These conditions are so conducive to building a solid foundation in Buddhism.

Each class allows for specific aspects of Martsang Kagyu LamRim to be presented to students. The classes progress in a clear sequence, bringing further clarity to the teachings, and equipping students with the tools for further examination, the results of which may be reported back in the following classes. Rinpoche often exemplifies points made through reference to additional teachings or commentaries, or by talking about his own personal experiences. Within this context students can reflect on their own experiences and often do share them with the group. The cohesion of our particular group has evidently grown stronger through this practice. This supportive environment adds to the enjoyment in learning the teachings and enhances the motivation to progress to further levels of understanding.

During the classes Rinpoche invites critique and debate. Rinpoche assists students in reaching a critical understanding by outlining the positions of other schools of thinking, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, as well as responses to such arguments. The duration of a class provides a sufficient window to explore and examine the teachings and enter into discussion. The material can be difficult and challenging but Rinpoche introduces a gentleness and humour to the classes to help students understand and reflect on the material.

It must be stressed that taking a decision to participate on the LamRim course is no small undertaking; it should be considered carefully. It is a commitment to journey of learning for at least two and a half years. The time passes very quickly; and the depth and complexity of the teachings increases class on class. Many of us spend time going from course to course, teacher to teacher, never quite reaching a depth of understanding necessary to understand the teachings or how they may be apply to our lives. The Martsang Kagyu LamRim provides a comprehensive foundation in Buddhism with teacher of immense knowledge and experience; it is a cornerstone for Buddhist thought and practice.”

By Dr. Spencer Dean