Buddhist Science of Mind – Level 1

This insightful course includes detailed explanations on the mind,its relationship with physical form,consciousness and the various mental factors that influence our perception in positive and negative ways. It will briefly explore the principle of ‘dependent origination’ and causality ‘karma’, in the context of understanding the ‘true nature’ of mind.

The Buddha encouraged free enquiry and experiential investigation. It is thorough investigating, understanding and the application of this profound knowledge, that we will recognize, train and transform our states of mind. Over time this awareness and practice will help us develop more tolerance, kindness, compassion, inner peace, happiness and wisdom.

Please note Level 1 is a theoretical course that introduces Buddhist theory and psychology in preparation to and as a prerequisite for ‘Buddhist science of mind’ Level 2,  which is the practice of meditation and mind training.

How to book:

Please contact Dolma Sherab

by e-mail: london@martsangkagyu.org
by phone: 07484607939